Sustainability and Ethics. In fashion both go hand in hand. Ethics. The conscious choice from conception through to production to maximise benefits to people while minimising the negative impact to our environment. Sustainability. The ability to endure indefinitely. Relationships that endure. Style that endures. Products that endure.

Relationships That Endure

Our Daksha women are our joy and inspiration. From the gorgeous women who buy our garments all the way back to the Artisans that create them. We believe in supporting women in need from the regions that craft our garments, as we believe that by changing the lives of women we can change the lives of entire communities. When you wear Daksha you are not only supporting communities and co-operatives of Artisans but also women supported by our two favourite charities; Blue Dragon and Free to Shine.

Style That Endures

Daksha translates as brilliant and soul’s passion. At Daksha we believe in Style over Fashion. We believe in honouring our planet and the skilled Artisans that make the items we cherish. We adore cuts and fabrics that are classic and durable and that will endure elegantly through time, with unique and personal touches that you can truly make your own.

Products That Endure

At Daksha we believe in natural fabrics and ancient techniques that speak of centuries of cultural heritage. We believe in practices that are natural and sustainable. We adore fabrics that age and change gracefully through time.


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“What we do in life ripples through eternity.”
― Marcus Aurelius